Ethics & Integrity in Action

As part of the company's Business Ethics Policies, the Board of Directors has established a confidential hotline that employees, customers, vendors or other interested persons can use to anonymously report violations of, or express concerns regarding compliance with, any of the company's ethics policies (including, but not limited to, any matters involving accounting, internal accounting controls, audit matters or fraud).

The hotline is available toll-free from more than 30 countries and is staffed 24x7 by multilingual case managers.

In addition to the hotline, you may express your concerns or inquire about GCP's Corporate Governance by contacting:

  1. Your normal contact at the company; or
  2. The General Counsel and Chief Ethics Officer (listed below); or
  3. The Chair of the Audit Committee (listed below); or
  4. The Chairman of the Board of Directors (listed below).

John W. Kapples
General Counsel & Chief Ethics Officer
62 Whittemore Avenue
Cambridge, MA 02140

Janice K. Henry
Chairman of the Audit Committee of GCP Applied Technologies Inc.
c/o GCP Applied Technologies Inc.
62 Whittemore Avenue
Cambridge, MA 02140

Ronald Cambre
Chairman of the Board
c/o GCP Applied Technologies Inc.
62 Whittemore Avenue
Cambridge, MA 02140

The Ethics and Integrity in Action Hotline is available toll-free by:

  1. First dialing an access code based on your location (see table below)
  2. Followed by the toll-free number: 855.832.7269
Country Access Codes
Argentina 0.800.444.3109
Australia 1.800.48.0562
Belgium 0.800.100.10
Brazil 0.800.892.0685
Canada 1.855.832.7269
Chile 800.225.288 (AT&T)
800.800.288 (Telefonica)
800.360.311 (Entel)
800.360.312 (Entel - Spanish)
China 400.991.7474
Colombia 01.800.911.0010 or
01.800.911.0011 (Spanish)
Germany 0.800.225.5288
Greece 00.800.1311
Hong Kong 800.96.1036
India 000.117
Indonesia 001.801.10
Italy 800.172.444
Japan 00.531.11.0425
Korea 00798.
Malaysia 0.0.800.151.01.43
Mexico 001.844.451.1640
Panama 800.0109
800.2288 (Spanish)
Peru 0.800.50.000 (Spanishl)
0.800.50.288 (Telephonica)
0.800.70.088 (Americatel)
Philippines 1010.5511.00 (PLDT - Tagalog Operator)
105.11 Philippines (Globe, Philcom, Digitel, Smart)
105.12 Philippines (Globe, Philcom, Digitel, Smart - Tagalog Operator)
Poland 00.800.151.0164
Russia 363.2400 (Moscow and St. Petersburg)
8.10.800.110.1011 (primary code for other cities)
Singapore 800.110.2181
South Africa 0.800.99.6781
Spain 900.99.0011
Sweden 020.799.111
Thailand 1.800.011.559
Turkey 0811.288.0001
United Arab Emirates 8000.555.66
UK 0808.234.2726
US 1.855.832.7269
Venezuela 0.800.225.5288
0.800.552.6288 (Spanish)
Vietnam 1.201.0288

Alternate Contact Information

Regardless of country, interested persons can also report concerns online and via email and postal service.


Drucilla E. Edwards
GCP Applied Technologies Inc.
62 Whittemore Avenue
Cambridge, MA 02140
(617) 876-1400